When Simple Things Become Big Tasks…


In personal evaluation, I have come to realize that simplicity is a virtue on all things except humans . . . we lose so much for choosing to be simple. It is important to understand that being prudent is not a choice, it is a must if you want to matter much in life.

However, here is my concern: it seems simple things attain their simplicity because of shrewdness and the extravagant exercise of understanding; a response that many may describe as cruelty.

For example, someone seeks the audience of a ‘person of means’ for help and this person streamlines the entire conversation into two sentences; even before the person in distress begins to tell his or her story. He says, “What exactly is the problem and what do you need from me?” The person in distress is already upset and stressed; first, because it took so much effort to get an audience and secondly because he or she cannot summarize his or her tale in two sentences, he or she would rather tell a story. Thus ‘person of means’ goes about things this way because he can save time, save money and even save people from unnecessary loss and ‘stories that touch the heart’ by determining the value of the request in two simple steps.

You see, simple things of life become difficult because our hearts are generally not inclined to understanding. People generally would like to know things, afterall information is power; but they are not necessarily interested in why things are the way they are so that they can gain a measure of control on things. Instead, they don’t mind ceding control to those who have the interest in digging deeper…and be merely satisfied by the crumbs that fall off the table of real value.

Simple things like understanding oneself, so that one can respond accurately to life; understanding one’s community, so that one can relate more effectively; understanding one’s environment, so that one can efficiently explore it for value; an so on… has become the most difficult task of our days because we really don’t care. When these simple things become big tasks, simple tasks becomes big challenges. Suddenly, other people, not superior in value, become those we have to depend on to get by . . .

When simple things like loving others genuinely and being loved genuinely become a big task, check again, someone is not interested in having understanding of the other person or of other things that matter. Understanding of others [people or things] is the way to live a fruitful life. Indeed, life don’t have to be a big task, it can be simple if we articulate our multi-layered personalities by understanding to simplify them. If we don’t, we will suffer for it.

Lazy people actually do most works eventually; rest is the portion of the diligent. Peace.


  1. AWED says:

    I agree with you. It’s more convenient to shut many thing out…especially since they are always changing…what was seen yesterday may no longer be valid today; that means one must be in the mainstream of how things are sculpted. That in itself is the understanding in progress…


  2. Hannah says:


    Hmm that is such a herculean task for alot of is because it takes a lot of patience, calmness, love, time, attention, thinking, probing, caring that alot of us are not willing to put in…even for ourselves let alone for other people

    We prefer to just shut it all out.

    There is something that happens to people when certain kind of tragedy happens to them, shutting off a memory as a means of protecting themselves, I cant remember the medical term for it now cause having to deal with it is too much pain before healing. Pain we dont want to go through…

    That’s what it is with understanding…that process we need to go through to understand something or someone is what we run away from. So those that can do the work, we are fine collecting the crumbs from them.

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