Nigeria – a Pregnancy in Delivery


Thus says the LORD:

“Nigeria, like a pregnant woman, ready to deliver her young, is spilling water and shedding blood; but she is not in danger of death. Her peculiar condition already quarantined her to the walls of My infirmary; so, she is free from the pestilence that is ravaging the city and her young ones.

However, the restrain in the willingness of her midwives to help is not without a reason; they are careful not to serve her at the risk of their own lives. Though it seems a setback that she is not helped, as she should, she is deliberately preserved from diseases that are hosted by her caregivers; even those unknown to them.

This baby that is coming is a covenant generation. He has been spoken of for decades; even sophisticated equipment could not piece an accurate picture of it. But now, even while the nations are convulsing with pestilence, she is safe with Me; her son [a generation of restorers] comes in a moment.

While she labors and travail in pain to deliver him, I AM cleaning My House and making room for him. The city’s cleaning will still take a while, but she needs not to worry because provisions are ready in My House for her and her baby. She does not need to go to the city for supplies.

Her caregivers will keep recommendations of goodies outside My House coming but as soon as their job is done with the delivery of her son [a generation of restorers], their purpose would have been served and done with.

I AM ridding My House of filth and dirt, as well as rodents and pests. I AM preparing a comfortable cradle for your son, with all the beauty and splendor of grace and truth. Corrupted gatekeepers will be replaced; slothful and shoddy servants will be removed. I AM redecorating and redoing My House to reflect My glory and splendor. This will shift so much around! Do not worry; I will be done with the repairs before you return with My baby. I will make My House safe again and break the stronghold of the enemy, who plunders without restrain.

Nigeria, the water and the blood is the arrival of the new; for in you, I have purposed a glory to nations and beauty for My kingdom. Peace.”