Christ’s Church – The Coming Generation

The pains of a mother in delivery are in two phases – contraction and expansion of muscles as they works together to separate the body from what it has hosted for a season. Even in deliveries that are assisted by technology through surgery, these two will not be missing. When suspended for a time, it usually returns much later so that the mother’s body can attempt returning to its original form. The mother body is never the same after the delivery of her baby.

The manifestation of the new generation that is coming will not begin without contraction and expansion pains. Though its gestation has already brought a lot of discomfort, its birth pang is nothing compared to the discomfort from its pregnancy. When we desire the manifestation of this new generation before its fullness of time, we are simply courting a miscarriage, whose consequences will be more devastating – a mix of discomfort and delivery pain with nothing [no one] to show for it. When it delays, longer than it should, many goods would have been irreparably destroyed; it may even cost the very life of the mother.

Surely, the present establishment would go through pains that are not inflicted from outside . . . pains that will come from within the fabric of its being; from the movements of her baby. It will come from the processes that seek to manifest the new generations that have been gestating within it. The separations would be messy for many, masters will suddenly realize they have lost the dedication and commitment of their people long ago; that they have been building on sinking sand and common folks are ready to take the helm of affairs without deflection to them.

This new breed will not be proposing an improvement on the old; they will be focused on re-imagining the whole thing altogether. In search of what would sustainably work, they would return to the original design, from whence all that failed begun. In the quietness of the womb of present establishments, they have been nurtured by the Spirit of the LORD Himself and taught by the LORD to be focused on the person of the LORD, not even the works that are done with Him and for Him . . . their allegiance is not to the establishments, it is to the soon-coming King.

Soon establishments will become disappointed by the rapid change in things. There would be much to worry about with respect to the posterity they had envisioned. Still, there is nothing to worry about, the One who established the present has already figured out the future that is coming. The place of the ‘old,’ in the scheme of things are cemented in gold; there would be no baby without parents, who took responsibility for all that would be, even if the fullness of it is unknown to them. Fathers have significantly done their part; now, the new generation must be born first, be cradled, crawl, limp-walk, walk and run first before flying. It is a grave error to disdain the womb that gave life.

It is Mother’s Day! Have a happy one.