A Rising Wave of Rebellion

Having an opinion is one of the easiest things to do. It is free, so everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. However, when someone’s opinion starts to take the form of an ideology, seeking reinforcement through culture and traditions, a major shift is taking place. When those who becomes the recipient of such idea care less about the quality of their lives, in exchange for survival and a feeling of accomplishment, however false it may be, it will no longer require much struggle for the idea to become the culture.

Those who have changed the course of nature are those who understand how to trade life’s essentials for a seemingly harmless compromise. At the moment, that compromise may seem harmless; but if it were, so many resources would not have been committed, giving so much in exchange for what seems like nothing. Indeed, the difference between people with dark desires and their victims is vision . . . they saw before time, what the gullible has refused to see, though in broad daylight.

While all these are ongoing, one matter that remains very difficult to define is the response of the one, who has been cornered to lose his or her birthright for a pot of pottage. Soon enough, the pleasure and savor of delicacies will fade; giving way to the reality of life; while the ‘laws of sowing and reaping’ will begin to take effect. What has been done would return in full harvest and then, it will be very difficult to exercise right choices because they have already been traded away for fleeting pleasure. This is the moment when a rebel is surfaces!

One good question to ask is “Is he or she truly a rebel?” Do these people have the moral ground to seek redress for an unjust scale that they have been measured with? Nothing is more demoralizing than the realization of one’s foolishness when it is too late; when no provision has been made for days when integrity will be called to bear. When that season comes, in the face of tyranny, with death hovering over every dissenting voice, will a demoralized patriot be able to stand and boldly declare the truth? Is there still justice left for such? Isn’t the whole idea of justice the affirmation of fairness and equity? Can the predator be guilty for taking his or her prey that has been duly paid for?

Well, it is unfortunate that the rising wave of rebellion, due to our sudden realization of lost grounds, are not likely going to change our immediate fate . . . still, we are not totally without hope. The reign of the wicked can be shortened by the responses of today. The sacrifices we avoided many decades back and the pleasures we enjoyed at the expense of posterity will have to be paid for; but they do not have to be more than what was owed. The stand we take at the moment will limit our indebtedness. The sacrifices required to reclaim our futures may have multiplied exponentially beyond what we avoided at first; still, we are not past redemption. It can still be settled!

Let each person review and revive its own life;
Let each family review and revise its choices;
Let each community review and reclaim its identities; and
Let each nation review and restructure its organs.

Resisting injustice, without a trans-generational strategy and structure to sustain the values to be restored, is merely a waste of all things precious. If you must be a rebel, let it be a rebellion against unrighteousness and injustice; otherwise, you will be worse than the evil you were trying to end.