It will amaze you that the most considerate people are those you may consider less than you are;
On the contrary, they are not as inconsiderate as you may think.
Oftentimes, you would find that something in those looked up to looks down on those who look up to them . . .
But for this, you would have seen that you have more allies in those weaker than you are.

Indeed, God has a way of sending a random help to a random soul, lost in the desert of life; with water to quench the thirst and a shade from the sun and rain.
Like a dyslectic child, in need of help but unable to express himself or herself,
A visionary plunges through life’s waters; surrounded by so much help that cannot be reached; chiefly because he or she cannot speak the language of his or her helpers.

We enroll them in schools and walk them through the rigors of education so that they can express themselves in ways we may understand them.
No matter how hard they try, they still do not measure up!
Then, we write them off, just because we cannot see what we desire when we look at them.
Our children are growing up so fast;
They are maturing into roles too structured for their childhood.
They grow into routines too early because they have to succeed and compete at all cost;
They are raped of their childhood innocence, which they require for a balanced adulthood, because we are too focused on fitting them into the mold of our own dreams and future.

When you open your heart and mouth to show a newbie what he or she is capable of,
You just lit a light that will soon glow like the sun.
When you put them down or ignore their feeble steps towards self-definition,
You kill a light and start a destructive fire.
The color of the future is beautiful,
If we choose to paint it right.

Should you be the one with a voice, speak for the voiceless.
When you find yourself at the tables of bounty,
Spread the blessings to those scampering for crumbs outside the dividing walls.
If you do not take responsibility, some other people will rise to them.
They may be considered less qualified or not deserving of respect;
Yet, they will achieve more in no time and with very little or nothing.

As for me, my life goal is simple:
I’ll cheer everyone, in whose heart God has put the beauty we need, to exercise them as work.
As much as God will grace me,
Right word in season and meaningful sacrifices when needed would be my service,
So help me God!