The New Normal

The peculiarity of this time is that both the wise and the foolish didn’t see this plague coming…those who did were not given adequate attention; enough to nip the pandemic in the bud. So, we have all been caught by the surprise attack of this adversary. For some, it is already too late to evaluate their lives and make adjustments.

No doubt, the warnings came earlier; first in hushed whispers; later it morphed into declarations on high platforms. Unfortunately, the noise from false pundits and prophets drowned those voices…even those who should have heard it were more interested in tidings of another kind – of success and prosperity.

Well, the time is here already. The reality has dawned on us all. Those with a measure of security are now afraid of any and every person or thing. Nothing is same again and nothing would ever be again.

But, is there nothing that can be done? Is there no deliverance from this beyond these streams of words? I can see that what we deliberately don’t want to see before now has become vivid to us; in fact, we are ready to pay to see them clearer. We are learning what we have refused to heed as instruction by experiences now; and it is happening so fast.

Alas, our first deliverance is from ourselves. We have been saved from our self-destructive tendencies, cultures and lifestyles we would never have considered changing. It is amazing how much have become acceptable to us in the absence of freedom to do as we please. Now there are e-weddings, e-funerals, e-schooling, e-church, e-conversations etc. . .We are indeed changing; perhaps, that is a good news.

Next, our deliverance is from mindsets. Now we know that this whole falsehood about job security from paid employment has become tested…we are discovering that it is not actually the truth. High-paying jobs that we spent years getting certifications to position for have disappeared; most of which will not resurface again. This whole notion of working one’s way to the top of the ladder has failed, as it is eventually doomed to fail, when the ladder gets blown away by ‘winds of change’ [Read the book: IF ALL IS WELL, WHY AM I LIKE THIS]. The only sustainable work that survives every season is creating values by applying skills to problems to create needed values and fortunes. Now, there is no hope for those who have not prepared for war in times of peace by making problem-solving a lifestyle, not a job.

Finally, one more deliverance that must take place is from retrogressive cultures – how we like to do our things that do not respond positively to reason and good judgement. Our financial, social, political, educational, and religious cultures are under heavy reviews and this can only produce a better result when we remove things that have become our lifestyle that do not profit us. New marriages stand better chances at surviving because their funds can go to the establishment of their homes instead of feeding hundreds of people that the new couple do not know or like, who do not know or like the couple either. We can now prioritize the marriage above the wedding. People can work more effectively from home instead of bloating the ego of the boss, whose pride is that over 200 people report at his or her office complex daily; over 200 people unproductively spending half their day/lifetime in vehicular traffic to and from work.

The good news is this unwanted stranger has forced us to review all that we are and all that we do. I believe we would be better for it.

Those waiting to return to their former life may actually be the problem with us as a people. I do not blame them; afterall, they have worked so hard to be where they are. However, no matter how beautiful and extensive our houses that were built of sand from the beach are, the next tide from the seas will inevitably wipe them away. If you have ‘pictures’ of such houses in the sand, before this ‘tide’ came, keep them as a memorial of what your imagination can accomplish; but you will have to get up, dust your pants, and head to a solid ground to build what would last.

It’s your best time ever! Believe me, it is!
Let us arise together and build eternal works that will last.



  1. Awesome post endowed with nothing but the truth. God bless you, sir; Amen.

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  2. AWED says:

    Thank you. God bless you too.


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