The Price of Preservation

In light of present realities and the evident despondency that is carefully masked by both the leaders and the followers, I have been spending time with God, eavesdropping on what the colors of the days to come might be . . .

Unfortunately, the strategies that will salvage many people will be treated with scorn while their future hangs on a balance with prevailing winds blowing against its fortune. They will not value what will actually deliver them in these times; and the news of their total destruction will be disheartening.

If only they would listen and not just hear . . .
If only they will actually obey and not just give approvals and offer commendations.
They love their bloated ego,
They will not admit they have been wrong all along.
They will soon realize that their choices are not many,
For many, instead of repentance, in humility, and actual return to God’s original plan,
They will rather go down with this unfavorable tide.

Undoubtedly, the way to life is through dying . . .
No one will survive this season without losing the confidence from self-conceit, which did not come from the LORD.
Sacrifice is the only pathway to perpetuity,
What awaits everyone will not ask for one out of a thousand treasures;
It will require the only treasure that mattered the most,
The one that is loved above all else – personal dreams and aspirations . . .
God’s dreams will no longer co-habit with other idols,
Personal ambitions will have to give way to the Kingdom of God.

This is the time that obedience trumps over sacrifices,
To love the LORD is of more value than receiving from Him.