The EDICT: Introductions

Sometime in Q3 of 2018, in the early hours of the morning, the LORD asked me to sit and write a series of words, set in order to clarify matter that concerns the life of anyone who is TRULY in Christ. I did this, posted them on @Rarebuild’s page on Facebook for about 40 days, with the help of a friend and her family; and later published the compilation as a book titled: THE EDICT – If anyone is in Christ, he [or she] is a new creature

It seems the time for the fulfillment of those words has come, as God fixes the matter with His House and His people. I am going to be sharing the details with you here once weekly, under the FAITH Category [Every Tuesday] until we exhaust it. I encourage you to follow up with me. You will understand what being a follower of Christ actually mean and no longer be confused or disappointed by present challenges with the church of Christ . . .

“The matter with the House of the LORD and His people requires haste,
Yet, the keepers of His courts are busy with other visions;
The light in His temple is growing dim,
Yet the dancing and the celebrations go on without delay . . . [until recently halted by COVID-19]
Unqualified and insignificant as I may be in the present scheme of
The word of the LORD is revealed and it has become a fire in my

“The House of the LORD is in a terrible state,
His people are already serving other gods in place of Him.
Still, they are not keen to consider their ways,
For the prosperity it brings is to be desired and its enterprise is indeed beautiful to behold!”

“Who would listen to the whispers of an unpopular vessel?
Who will pay attention to the voice of the LORD from His Holy place?
Soon noises would become a blast,
It would deafen the ears of those given to listening to them.
Hope may soon become an impossible dream,
Most assemblies would soon have little or no kingdom value left to offer, aside social-cultural celebrations and economic emancipation . . .” [which is not under threat too]

“Still, the LORD will not abandon His house without a voice,
He speaks clearly and distinctly; let hearts be turned and tuned to Him.”

The LORD speaks:
“Let His people walk with Him in the light,
Let His house be ordered in love,
Let the nations identify His people by the life He gave to them . . .
For now, is the appointed time!

There would no longer be room for excuses,
Those who seek His kingdom’s peace and joy must begin with
righteousness . . . the righteousness He gave, by which He
chooses to consider His saints.
Let nations see a distinct House Let purity and holiness return to His House,
He is not coming for a disorderly House,
If His House is not eternal and powerful, what use is it to Him in
the end?

Fathers must cease from taking God’s place,
Their knowledge of God does not replace His person.
Young ones must rise above their ambition and imaginations;
Overcoming the wicked one is imperative now, more than ever
Little children must live above sin;
And their knowledge of the Most High must be taught by God

If fathers would not introduce the LORD to their sons and daughters; and then step aside,
He will introduce Himself to them directly . . .!
Enough of the knowledge of God being taught by the wisdom of men,
No one can have eternal life without an authentic relationship
with God . . . no one!”

These words are to revive slumbering hearts and to instruct all to fruitful action.
Indeed, we are God’s beacon of light, love and life.
These three [light, love and life] must happen in us first,
Otherwise, our testimony would be false.

Let us have conversations about this in the comment section below:

1. Do you ever struggle with the decline in the quality of persons professing to be Christians and churches claiming to belong to the LORD?
2. What are you doing personally to prevent you or your church from being a part of the number of ‘Bad Christians and Churches’?
3. What can we do corporately to halt the decay in the church of Christ and restore her to God’s purpose and design?
4. Are there practices that we have become accustomed to, as the Church of Christ, and as believers, that are compromising the stature of the Church of Christ and our personal stature?
5. What can we do to check it?

PRAYERS: Ask the LORD to completely take over your heart so that whatever you think, say and do would honor and glorify Him.
Ask the same for the church of Christ.
Ask God to search us and show us wherever we need to repent and make changes, both as individuals and as the Church of Christ . . . you can also be more specific on your local Church Assembly.
Remember to talk to God about personal weaknesses and errors that you know.