An Unknown Companion


The Christian walk with God after meeting Him is like a pilgrimage to the destination, which is God Himself [1]. That destination is not a success, accomplishment, or prosperity; it is God Himself! On this journey, many had suffered a loss; wreckage, and undue troubles because of misinformation on ‘who’ [not what] the destination is, the absence of direction, necessary tools for the journey and the right attitude needed for a successful walk with God.

But then, the first thing to ponder on is: “How does one walk with an unseen God, whose throne is in Heaven and the earth is His footstool; whose thoughts are far from ours as the heavens are far from the earth; whose ways are past finding, except He reveals them? To make it worse, though the idea of walking with God sounds like a good proposition, it seems that most of those who represent this Almighty God are lacking in answers to many of the questions in the heart of anyone, who really wants to walk with God. Well, though the Way is the same, each one has a peculiar pathway to follow in the Way [2]. Unfortunately, after a while, some already gave up on the idea, became content with the few convenience and peace they already found in life; somehow, they already gave up on the idea of winning the race since the prize is not for everyone who runs. . .

Well, the prize is not for one person [one individual]; it belongs to every ‘one,’ who finishes the journey with the LORD well – those ones who run the race according to the rules, keeping their eyes on the prize, not the runners; and enduring the hardship of sprinting against the wind or swimming against the tides because walking with God is nothing short of these.

Walking with God is not a simple proposition. It is not a pleasurable journey, as most people who have come to meet with the LORD would eventually discover; however, it is the only journey of life that is capable of delivering unending peace and joy. It focuses on a Person [GOD] and things of eternal value [His Kingdom], which extends the value of such life beyond its limited lifetime. It is not a journey for the undecided, the fearful, and those who have other alternative pathways they would like to consider. It is a journey for those who have chosen to a distinctive life over fleeting life’s pleasure, choosing the LORD, come what may . . .

Indeed, it is the best way to journey through life; but there are costs to count. The cost of walking with the LORD includes forsaking all others, denying yourself, taking up your cross daily and following Him [4]. By all standards, this is not an easy thing to do. If you are yet to meet with the LORD, through Christ, it is not a pleasurable stroll in the garden; believe me, all that is against God and godliness will wage war against you. In your review, if you have already started walking with the LORD, have you been immune from temptations and trials of life? Let no one deceive you, walking with God is the only way after being saved from sin and death, but it is not a pleasure stroll while you are still in this world. If it has been for all rosy for you, then something significant is not right. The world system will not accept you because you are not one of its own. It did not accept Christ; it will not accept you also [5].

Therefore, if you are the darling of the world and you are walking with the LORD, it is time to review whether you are truly with God. Something is really not right. If you are yet to begin a walk with the LORD, now is the time to begin. In Him is satisfaction, peace, and joy, which comes by righteousness and you can never find them in anyone, anywhere, or anything else.


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