It Begins and Ends at Home


In God’s infinite wisdom, the structural provision for ordering the earth is the family. As awkward as it may sound, nothing significant will happen in the earth without the family. In fact, Scriptures affirm that God arranged the earth in families.

It is the smallest unit of society from where everything that would define, develop or destroy any community of people would come from. So, when next two people you know says they are in love and they are about to start a family, these are the thoughts that should be going through your mind..

However, family as designed and family as practiced are indeed a world apart. By design, it is how God perpetuates His purposes on the earth, as practiced, it is accidental for some, for others it’s a careful scheme of intent to further their socio-political and/or economic purposes. By design, family is the main platform for nurture, learning and development of children into responsible adults; by practice, it has become a social construct where parents are clueless on what their family is for [it serves a status purpose though], children are trophies, and all matters of nurture, learning and development are outsourced to nannies, caregivers and teachers. The list goes on and on…

So, if there will be any significant change in any life, community or place, it will have to begin from the family. Therefore here is the question: “Why are our responses to breakdown [at every level] not focused on the family? Why are we not fixing our problems by fixing our families?” Preachers seems to approach problems with their religious organization in mind; government officials respond to breakdowns with force and punitive measures; communities respond to their challenges with preventive and preemptive security measures, to mention a few . . . it does not seem mainstream for us to go back to the family to fix our numerous challenges from there.

It seems that even the promoter of perversion and negative values understands this more than noble people do. Since families are failing to live up to its design, schools (replacement for learning in family), may have become hijacked to make room for what is consider ‘a better value system.’ Often times, the results speaks otherwise because it is not how humanity was designed to function.

Indeed, we have to review what we practice as families. Each one must take responsibility for repairing broken breaches in our families. Single folks will have to look deeper into their choice of who they intend to start a family with, understanding the purpose for their own family before they marry. Parents must return to taking responsibility and not evading or delegating critical roles and duties to strangers because of lack of knowledge and pursuit of career or economic goals. Children must realize that their true definition would come from their families, the value of their names is the value their families uphold.

Until we return to the smallest unit of God’s design – family – to address all matters, it is not likely we would record significant and sustainable change for good.