Past Laws, Present Revelations, Future Insight

Lamentation 2:8-9

Two things would characterize a dysfunctional life or people – there would be breakdown of law and order, and there would be no word from the LORD.

When it becomes effortless to live as one pleases, without restraint and checks that honor God and bring rest to the person or people concerned, something significant is about to die, be lost or be destroyed. In the same vein, when it seems Heaven is silent on a life or a people, and all that is widespread are products of people’s mind and imaginations, trouble will soon spring out from error of judgement.

If there is anything to desire above all else, as a people or as an individual, it must be the understanding of what God desires, as spelled out in His LAWS [words that were given in the past] and in His REVELATIONS [words that is given in the present for now and the future].

Do you desire God’s heart more than you desire His hands? Are His words of great value and importance to you, more than gold and silver or the pleasures of life? In challenging times, where is your loyalty? Is it to God by obedience to His words or shared with other promising entities? Be rest assured that without reverence for His [past] laws, there will be no revelation for now and the future, whose design, delivery and control rest with God alone.

To guarantee peace and joy in your days and after you are gone, prioritize the LORD in all seasons and love Him back through obedience. He already loves you, even while you were still a sinner.