Twin Walls of Water


A nation in servitude and oppression for many years were being led out into a promised land, whose picture can only be painted by the words of a stuttering leader – words that were given to him, words that did not come from his own personal experience of the promised land. It is no rocket science that such people would require a very large dose of faith to accept such help from God.

Same is the situation of anyone who has truly been through something traumatic and humiliating, when he or she is offered hope by means of a help that cannot be seen; a deliverance hinged on just the words of the Deliverer. It requires great faith to walk through twin walls of water from the splitted Red Sea, just because God said so. Sometimes, the instructions we have received from God require the motivation of a ‘fearful Egyptian army,’ in pursuit from behind, for us to move into new ‘highways’ made in the ‘seas’ for us.

The proceeding word of God that is meant to take you out of where you are to where you need to be may not be the type that would follow known pathways. When God’s way for you is like the one through the Red Sea and your trusted  leader looks like he or she cannot clearly communicate what to say or do, the raging chariots of the enemy coming after you is actually a motivation to step into uncharted territories with God, which are ahead of you. The new grounds would have to be unfamiliar to your skilled and experienced enemies for you to gain victory.

If present challenges are driving you or your businesses into uncharted territories, as led by God, do not be afraid, God’s got you. Step in your ‘exclusive highway,’ made by God, and watch the enemies drown where God gave you victory. Have faith and step into the unknown with God.

The new normal is not your end, it is an intended end for what kept you oppressed where you were before now.

Stay with God.