Of Parables and Plain Words – Promoting Your Values

Crowds gather to one who has left his or her comfort zone to pursue or promote something of significant value. You cannot sit at home and expect the city to come to you there. Technology or not, reaching out to prospects is the only way to get their attention. Still among the multitudes, you will have to put a gap between you and the crowd, lest you have serious security and safety concerns.

In communicating the value you bring, you will have to speak in parables to crowds and speak plainly only to those who have come to stay [spend time] with you. Crowds will hear you, only those who value you enough to create time to be with you will know and understand what you say and have to offer.

So, as you engage your world with values you have created, be methodical. Don’t waste your time unfolding mysteries to random crowds . . . tell summarized stories they can relate with and let them make the choice to seek you for more. Don’t advertise products, advertise the values you bring, preferably using stories…

When those who gather to you comes for deeper understanding of what was parables to the crowds, be clear, concise and careful not to embellish truth with lies. It will undo all the goods you have done.

Bear glad tidings with wisdom; you need not kill your value or yourself before you are experienced. The world is waiting for you.


Matthew 13