A Choice That Will Not Disappoint

Walking with the LORD, who lives in heaven, whose footstool is the earth, is an almost inconceivable idea . . . but that is the whole idea behind God’s mysteries [hidden secrets]. He is God; big enough to inhabit heaven and earth at the same time; and small enough to inhabit the hearts of men too.

However, in walking with Him, from darkness into light, you are likely to expose yourself to peril if you are not mindful of his safety measures; clearly illustrated in His word. Here are some of them [please feel free to add more…]

Keep your eyes on God and the ground before you.
One step at a time will do it. Do not be too immersed in the future that you are not present in the moment.

Avoid distractions and straying. Relocating one’s way after falling out of sync with God can be very difficult, in reality; so, avoid being distracted by all that is going on around you. Keep your focus on the One you are walking with and on the journey.

Travel light.
The lighter your luggage is the easier and faster your journey would be. Endeavour to shed unnecessary weights of unholy relationships and associations, habits, ambition and dreams that do not align to the objectives of the journey.

Go with your Staff.
Support, when strength and structures are crumbling and people once depended upon are failing is imperative. This Staff is the Holy Spirit, who guides into all truth and uses experiences [good and bad] and the lessons learnt from them to provide stability; using healthy relationships with other people too.

Move at your pace.
It is pertinent not to run the runner, but to run the race…Move at your own speed. Do not be threatened by others’ progress. Go with God’s plan for you and be content with it.

When you do all these, your journey with God will be a rewarding one with minimized setbacks. The world system will try to provide a more acceptable alternative to all that God requires of you; you just need to willingly resolve to follow God, come what may.

Perhaps a few introspection might help:
Would you say you have been with God?
When God’s kingdom values conflict with world value systems, which will you rather choose?
Is the Holy Spirit resident in you? Does He lead you or you just speak in tongues?

Everything becomes clearer and personal when you begin to walk with God daily. I recommend that you begin today if you have not already. The quality of our individual walk with God determines the potency of our corporate stand for Him. May the LORD help us to keep our eyes fixed on Him. Amen.