Be The One


Being a part in whatever God is doing requires very deep understanding of who you are in the scheme of things.

A diligent fellow will have resources; a patient persons will enjoy peace. These however, speaks to WHAT a person is – descriptions of the person in reference to things or situations. WHO one is refers to the description in reference to God, who created him or her . . . that is, the purpose of one’s creation, not the attribute of the created.

Well, we do not get to choose to work with God; God chooses who works with Him. Anyone, armed with desire, dreams and dedication can work FOR God, but only those God chooses can work WITH Him. Therefore, who you have been called to be is not something that can be decided by deductions; only God, who made the choice can reveal it. When you are called of God, you will need God, not ‘men of God’ to understand who you are called to be.

Indeed, the calling of God is not so much of a calling to DO things; it is a calling to BE someone for Him.

Is this your understanding of ministry and work with God? If not, there is a need to go to God for the re-definition of who you are called to be. That calling must happen in you first as it becomes a message and an example to the people you are sent to.

May God find you and I worthy to execute His finished work on earth. Amen.