What is Your End-Game?

Sometime ago, a young fellow was running away from the fury of his brother, whom he defrauded of something precious to him. He had to live over 20 years of his life with a distant family member, away from his brother, where he was also defrauded by the distant family member so many times. Indeed, life has a way of paying back what is given in double.

While enduring the suffering and troubles of his servitude, he saw something he wouldn’t have seen if he was received as royalty by his host. He noticed that the herds were not only producing offsprings after their kind, they were also able to produce after their environment. When plain-skinned herds were strong, healthy and ready to mate, putting a speckled wood stem in the food and water trough they were nourished from can make them produce speckled offsprings, though they are plain-skinned. By this understanding he out-negotiated his cruel and insincere master to gain his reward for his service.

The lessons in this are so many but my interest for this piece is the focus of the young fellow on understanding his environment instead of focusing on the pain of his servitude. He was cheated and was unfairly treated, but his focus was not on these things; his energy was focused on the end-goal, which is to be fairly and justly rewarded.

Now, fair and just rewards are never handed to anyone. The person in custody of what belongs to you may excuse away why he or she needed to keep what is yours for longer than necessary. Gaining control by understanding what is happening around you and taking advantage of it is the only way to EARN your fair and just reward. You will have to earn it.

Instead of the complain and the fury that comes with the wrong hand you are being dealt, or the ones that had happened in the past, you might want to focus that energy on understanding your environment and using that edge to negotiate a better experience for yourself and your posterity.

What is happening to you right now is not the issue, your response to it is the most important matter.

Enjoy your weekend.