One More Thing. . .

In my last post, I mentioned the experiences of a young lad with his master and how he responded to it. From this same experience of servitude that led to the understanding of his environment, and the subsequent use of same to change his future experiences, my focus today is on the quality of the posterity of the family and the influence of the environment on the nurture of its young ones.

Like those plain-skinned herds mating to produce speckled-skinned offsprings because of what they see while being nurtured, it is not enough to be the good man and the good woman for your children to turn out good…the kind of environment you create at home, and the one being created in the community you reside in would determine a significant chunk of who your children would become.

What you expose your children to in their strongest emotional and intellectual moments would significantly shape the result you will get from them. If there is anything you must give your all as a parent to secure, it must be the health and wealth of the environment your children are nurtured in.

Enjoy your weekend.