The LORD Speaks…


The LORD speaks, His voice is very distinct and clear.

When the gentle breeze blows over the waters and the tempest roars in the seas, He speaks…

When the way is clear and the pathway is obscured,
He speaks…

When knowledge is abundant and the understanding is rare,
He speaks…

When the trees bear much fruits and the winepress is dry from no wine,
He speaks…

In the contradictions,
In the clarity,
In the middle of nowhere,
The LORD speaks and He is heard.

Heard by many, yet not listened to;
Felt by a multitude, yet not seen;
For all of Him can only be experienced from the heart,
A deceived heart, He will not commune with.

Purify your heart now,
Listen for His voice today,
See His heart as you walk with Him;
Walk and work with Him into your uncharted territories; and
Great will be your peace.

Hear Him,
Obey Him.