Rise Again!

At the beginning of new time-markers, we tend to celebrates and follow up with new reviews and resolutions. Often times, we do not take much to heart with respect to what has been, what is and what would be. We begin on a fresh canvass and start off the new that must become old soon, except that most times, we really do not do thing differently.

In my evaluation, strongest moments are those in which one truly opens his or her  heart to truth and accepts the reality of what has been, in a bid to define those moment. A failure is a call to action, not a death sentence.

If you have failed God in many ways, still He loves you deeply.
If you have failed yourself in so many ways and you cannot seem to stop beating yourself up, still stride on because what is at stake is greater than you and God’s mercies run deeply.
What should crush you deeply is when you fail others. This is not because people’s opinion matters that much in the definition of your destiny; it is because no one must miss their way on your account. Personally, the other two I can deal with; this last one I cannot handle.

I may have failed to measure up YET, but I am being filled each day;
I may have failed to be the standard I am called to be YET, still I am pressing towards the mark of my high calling;
I may have failed to do the things I am called to do promptly YET, still I am actively in pursuit of it with every passing breath and strength in me…
I may have failed in much, but I haven’t failed where it mattered most – in being a worthy son to my Father in heaven, following after Christ and becoming His express image, and pursuing matters of the Kingdom of God.
Indeed, the responsibility for others that we shoulder are lofty, the least we can do is to maintain a blameless heart towards God and people and not be guilty of negligence and falsehood.

I write this morning to call everyone reading this piece, who has ever failed before to action; hear in the deepest recesses of your heart and respond to righteousness and justice again:
Rise from your fall and failings;
Run to God and do not run away from Him;
Restitute with yourself and with others;
Repent (sincerely turn away) from your fall, failings and fear, whose goals are to keep you down;
Return to righteousness and justice;
Reason with yourself and hold on to the Way of Truth that leads to Life;
Restrategize and retake what has been taken from you . . . and great will be your peace.

This new season, that opens with a new month may be a very challenging one for most people; but it’s going to be rewarded with joy and gladness if we confront it with truth, purity of heart and diligence of hands.

Happy New Month.