When Work is Not Working


Not so long ago, I was almost frustrated by how many things were planned and neatly set in order that was not happening as planned because of fluctuations in situations and people’s reliability. Factors that were outside my control were withholding my results and my lack of understanding or refusal to apply wisdom made it harder to deal with. I had spent so much resources (time and money), out of sacrifice, for goods and services we require to pull certain things off; yet, it didn’t seem like they were all working as planned . . . the people component was still a problem. So, I started an audit, some of which I am sharing with you; especially now, at the beginning of a new month. Hopefully,  it may be of help to you also.

I’ll just simply blurt this out . . . if God is not with you, you are not likely to have GOOD success. You may win battles but you will eventually lose the war. You may  accomplish many things but they will not matter in the scheme of things. God is the only constant one in the past, present and the coming future; therefore whatever He is not doing is a waste of life and its resources if you embark on it. Skim off the extra things you do that God does not require, focus on that which matters the most.

Most times, what is done is not the real issue, it is why we do what we do. The real reason you do what you do as work is the pivotal place that determines most of your outcomes. Is this work you do for popularity and prosperity alone or there is more to it? Is it intended to establish certain truth or it is just a means to an end . . . in most cases financial?

You will see every progress you are making; much more, people will notice them if your work is set out to bring REAL solutions and restore order. Even when your product or service is an essential need, people can still see your reasons for offering them, though they are in dire need of it. They will likely choose your competitor if you care more about their purse than you care for them.

If you have ever been part of any formal training on entrepreneurship, you would have heard of what is called the MIX – Product, People, Price, Place, Process, Promotion, Position and Physical Evidence. If there is a wrong decision/judgment in any of these components, the value in what you offer can be lost. Ask the right questions and be confronted with truth before troubles comes to confront you in its place.

Of all these ‘P’s, the most complicated one is ‘People.’ Do you have the right people or are you surrounded by those who wants to leverage on you without any meaningful relationship with you. Ask this question, if what you do with someone is removed, will he or she remain in relationship with you? When the business is over, when the fun is exhausted, will there still be a relationship? Any relationship that ends with the removal of these things was never a relationship, it was more of an understanding. What we do may be the platform that connects us but more, beyond that engagement, is required to keep a relationship alive.

If you are in the same situation I was, I encourage you to walk with God and let Him help you with these things. Address all that requires your attention and return to work. Work with God so that your work will matter more than a show in your lifetime. In Him is everlasting life.