Telling your Story . . .

A friend asked why our cities are full of churches and the world is yet to be turned upside down; depite the fact that it took one Paul and Asia was turned upside down and one Moses and the entire nation of Israel was delivered.

Well, the answers are in one word – the DESIGN. Though over 2 Billion people are now Christians by definition, the church was never meant to be a movement, it was meant to be the result of simple obedience to just go and make disciples. It started as that simple mundane command to do a simple thing – “Tell others what you have been through (heard, seen and handled) with Christ”

That simple thing has become the most difficult thing to do…it seems we really haven’t gone through anything of significance with Christ, powerful enough to share; for no one will truly be redeemed by the LORD, through Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit and still be silent!

The churches are opening as organizations instead of evolving out of obedience to the command to disciple people. We have members instead of disciples and people seek God’s hands instead of His heart since they have no business with His heart.

We can return to the original design and prioritize knowing and following the LORD through fellowship over gatherings for ministrations…we can still do this right, even now!

Restoration is due; now is the time!
Will you and I just arise and tell someone our stories?
If we have no significant change because of Christ, that in itself is the new story!
We can start by acknowledging we were mere members of churches, not disciples,
Born again but still needing salvation from self, sin and death.
That realization itself is the conviction of sin that leads to salvation.

When we witness the true Christ and our focus is shifted from the church to Christ, we will become changed forever.