“Please Separate From Me”


A real mission has clear objectives, central to which is the people that are involved. The choice of people on any mission must be carefully considered if the mission will not suffer from series of setbacks.

But wait, is the mission even a noble one? Is it something that its successful completion would bring glamour and honor from high places? If this is so, then you are likely to get most people to subscribe, if asked to. Unfortunately, those who take responsibility in a mission that will succeed are not those who volunteer, they are those that are called and chosen. Those who volunteer may ‘spread the word’ about the mission but those who will take responsibility for it’s successful delivery has to be called and chosen.

Perhaps it is a good place to ask yourself, “What is my life mission?” When you have a clear and concise answer to that, you may also ask, “Who are the people responsible for delivering that mission?”

If you do not have clarity on that mission, your frustrations in whatever you do as work will be endless. If you have not called and chosen those who will be responsible for fulfilling it, that mission is yet to take off. What this means is that. if your family is central to being responsible for fulfilling that mission, the longer you are delayed, with respect to marriage, the longer the mission may have to wait. If you do not have a team for that mission yet, with clearly defined responsibilities; each one with well-enough capacity to deliver on the objectives, your mission is likely still incubating and delivery may be far-fetched.

But here is the real catch, sometimes identifying the people for the mission may best be determined by identifying and separating from those people that are NOT for the mission. You may call that IDENTIFICATION BY ELIMINATION.

In the multitude of relationships and associations, there is hardly the scarcity of people; but again, mission executors are not the loyal customers/clients/crowd, just as disciples are not the multitudes. It is helpful to separate from the following people, in pursuit of your life mission; and those left after that would be faithful men and women you can commit your mission to:

1. Those, whose mission compete with or negate yours;
2. Those, whose ‘people’ are in unexplainable/explainable strife with yours;
3. Those, whose vision is guided by sight and not by faith;
4. Those, whose Commissioner [the one who sent them] is different from yours (you cannot serve two masters at a time);
5. Those, who are liberal/accepting around what you seek to address/discontinue as problems (their indifference and/or fluidity around value matters are evident);
6. Those, whose asset is the mastery of the past and present, without foresight into the future; (like chameleons, changing to suit all situations [not seasons], never standing out for difference because they cannot see beyond themselves);
7. Those, whose definitions of success are different from yours.

If you separate from this non-exhaustive list of people, and you have no one left around you, it is time to change your location (spiritually and physically). You are in the wrong company and the wrong place.

If you will reach your goal and fulfill destiny, you will do more leaving than cleaving….you will need to be apart from many people; and be joined to a very lean list of people, whose mission are same as yours. The most significant part of your life’s journey will be the ‘finding’ of such people to work with.


Please add your description to the list of those to separate from in the comment box below.


  1. AWED says:

    Wow! Thank you for this Sir…Thank you!


  2. Herald says:

    Those who believe your fulfillment in life is tied to them and not the creator, and so they try to usurp God’s place in your life. We were never designed by the Creator to be at the mercy of another creature.

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