Rage or Revelation

It all begins with a strong desire between a man and a woman. They start to grow fond of each other, spending more time with each other than regular.

As soon as the man can recognize her as the help that he needs; and the woman can recognize him as the covering that she needs, the conversation about beginning a family begins. But what is about to begin is of more significance than the blossoming of love between two people; they are about to start a strategic unit of society. They will go on to produce children to replenish the earth. Their parenting and the exercise of love [or otherwise], would go on to define that society in a space of time.

You see, nothing ever springs up suddenly! Family is not an exception to this rule. The quality of the new one is resting on the history of the old one. Whatever is seen has been ‘coming’ for a long time. The gentle husband and amiable wife did not become those because they married and started a family, it started from the quality of the seed [nature] that produced them and the quality of nurture they got as they grew. So, do not be alarmed, whatever we see at the moment, good or bad, has been oncoming for a while.

Therefore, when wrong things happen and we are all enraged [as we should be], we may actually be looking at the fruit of a tree, and not the tree itself. There is indeed no fruit without the tree. If what we see is not desirable, what needs to change is not the outlook of the tree, but the nature of the tree. Good fruits come from good trees. There is no other way around this; when we desire good ‘fruits,’ we would have to make the ‘tree’ good first . . . Cutting off the bad fruit will not end the ordeal of dealing with bad fruits. . . the next fruit will be bad too.

In times like this, it is not rage that will redeem us, it is revelation! Yes, revelation! Perhaps. we need an unbiased look at the challenges that are ravaging our world, identify what the TRUE causes are, deal with them from the source, end the trend for good and bring restoration to all.

Everyone is enraged by much at this time; globally, it seems everyone is upset about one thing or the other. The young girls that are raped are crying out for justice, the molested boys are angry at any and every one for being violated without a defence. Family income is gravely challenged by the turn of global economic events, due to COVID interruptions; many people don’t even know where their next meal will come from. The society cannot function as customary of it, children cannot grieve their loved and lost parents or even make progress with their education because of travel restrictions; dreamed celebrations are on hold till further notice too.

This list will not end and the end is no where in sight. One option we have is to continue to fan the umber of our displeasure with rage…but this is the time to UNDERSTAND things and people better than we have KNOWN them. It is a time to reason with ourselves.

The revelation of God in our situations; His presence and love, regardless of all that is going on, is first and foremost . . . followed by the recognition of each other – the treasure in us, regardless of each one’s present situations. Until these revelations replace our rage, we are likely to be doing ourselves more damage than what went amiss. The revelation of God and His Son [Christ], whom He had sent, which is eternal Life [John 17:3] and the revelation of each other, deeper understanding of each one’s value to each other, are the foundation upon which we are to build the revelation of things to come. Indeed, our judgments of all things will be impaired if we lose these revelations to rage.

It is time to rise together and respond to all our discontents with who God is to us [a loving Creator, Father and King, whose design of us remain incorruptible when we stay in them, no matter what challenges us] and the knowledge of who we are to each other [brothers and sisters, more connected to each other than we know and see].

I speak healing to our hearts and earth in Jesus name. Amen.