Scary, Yet True . . .

I have been reading from the fourth chapter of the book of Mark, from the Holy Bible, in the last two days, and my eyes are opened to very scary truth in the word of God.

It began with Jesus Christ leaving a traditional place for teaching the word of God, which is the temple, to teach by the sea – what we would call the ‘beach’ in today’s world [who leaves a church to go preach to a people by the beach…?]. Well, the unexpected followed! A multitude gathered to him to listen to what He had to say [so, crowd gathering strategy is no longer a hard crack…just go to the beach ;-)].

However, what is strange about all this is that instead of speaking plainly about the Kingdom He has come to tell them about, He spoke to them in parables [metaphors]. For God’s sake, why go through all the stress to get a message out, only to start speaking in a way they will not understand? When He was asked, He said it was deliberate so that they can SEE but not PERCEIVE and so that they can HEAR but not UNDERSTAND. Wow!!! This is indeed difficult to wrap one’s mind around.

It is evident that though Christ came to save the world, He has not come to save all the people in it. Scary right?! [I think so too…]

There are those that will be saved and they are not all people. There are sins that will not be forgiven, there are those that are not expected to repent (turn away). ONLY THOSE WHO CHOOSE THE LORD BY BELIEVING HIM AND FOLLOWING HIM, AS DISCIPLES, WILL BE SAVED.

Everyone will see, but not all will perceive what they see; everyone will hear but not all will understand what they hear… The things of God are not meant to be clear to everyone, each one will have to make a decision to follow Christ to gain access to them.

With what you see all around, can you perceive what God is up to in His Kingdom? With all you hear, can you understand the intent of God’s heart concerning the earth and the people in it? Each one’s experience of God is a function of his or her choices, whether to just glean good wisdom from Him or to start following the LORD everywhere He goes. Indeed the knowledge of God and His Christ [eternal life] is not impacted through prayers or communicated by words alone, it is revealed through relationship and association with the LORD.

Are you REALLY following the LORD wherever He goes or you are praying the LORD to go with you on your own way? Not everyone will see or enter into the kingdom of God; make the choice to be among those who will. It is the right choice.



  1. Wale says:

    Many are called but few are chosen. Thanks for sharing sir. God bless you, Amen.


  2. AWED says:

    Thank you Wale. God bless you too.


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