Behind the Veil


What is the description of your desire?
When you see it, will you know it?
What is the picture of your nightmare?
While it is yet to unveil, can you tell it by a tiny fraction of its reveal?

It is a beautiful thing to dream,
It is a glorious thing to live the world to come, even before it manifests;
Yet a dreamer without vision is merely day-dreaming,
Hope without readiness is a fool’s sport.

As you wake up each day and you go about what you do for a living, your capacity to perceive value in what you see must shine brighter than what you you see.
In the mire and dirts that surrounds you, do you see a beauty, waiting to be revealed when you put your head and hands to work?
In the glitz and glamour that greets your presence, can you see a well-hidden rot and stench, ready to bring shame around the corner?

As you listen to every sound that comes by you and in every conversation you have with peoole, what do you hear when they speak with you?
Do you hear a cry for help, a cheer for joy, and a call to action or they are merely chatters that make for thrilling conversations?
What you hear is only as valuable as what you understand from it. I doubt if these things are just for the knowing alone; even when the speaker is just in need for a person to vent on, there is still the place of a response that makes for life.

It is a dreadful thing to be a spectator to life and all that is happening;
Active participation with discretion remains the only way to justify the breath that is granted to each one.
The goodness of heart,
The greatness of mind,
The willingness and yieldedness to God,
The active and undefiled body;
All these are the description of the one, who gloriously walks with God into eternal relevance . . .

It is a dreadful thing to live without purpose,
It is more fearful to ascribe a purpose to oneself outside the Maker’s purpose.