What is Your Cost?

Thirty one years ago, when I gave my life to Christ, my view of the kingdom of God was totally different from what my experiences had been. I had just received Christ into my heart and I was burning with so much passion for the LORD (Still I am).

The message from the preacher that led me to the LORD that day was squarely about what I would get when I accept Christ as my personal LORD and Saviour. God would be my Father and since He created and owned everything, seen and unseen, I would not have to worry about anything for the rest of my life.

As I continued to live each day, I started wondering if something was wrong. My profession of Christ brought more persecution; temptation increased because I had become aware of sin (living below the standard of God’s design) and righteousness (living in the will of God). My circle of friends started shrinking; I was beginning to make new friends, although fewer this time. . . It soon dawned on me that this whole journey with God is about giving to the LORD, much more than receiving from Him; especially in the immediate. Indeed, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Today, I am inclined to do a review of my life so far . . . one thing stood out for me; possibly, it may be same for you also:  following after Christ has a huge cost. Christ Himself paid a price for His mission, how can anyone follow Him and be excused from doing the same.

The real question to answer for everyone, who follows after Christ, would be “How much is following Christ costing you?” What have you lost or gained for following Christ; would you rather have it otherwise? There is danger in following the LORD with doubts and needless caution; a reckless pursuit of God is what is required of anyone named by the name of the LORD, who must see His glory on this side of the divide. If nothing has changed inside and around you since you met with Christ, something is not right.

The glory that is set before us encourages us to go through hard times.  The hope that the good counsel of God will be fulfilled and joy would return to an otherwise sorrowful and sad situation is why we continue to follow Christ. Still, until you have arrived at that place, where you are resolute about following Him, even if nothing is promised or received, there will always be a reason to regret when the journey becomes tough. Indeed, it will become tough, if it hasn’t already.

We follow the LORD, not for what He would give us anymore; we follow Him because of Him. His person is who every Christian must pursue, not His power and prosperity. Those who walk with Him, till they inherit Him, eventually has all.

Follow the LORD for the LORD.