I sing of the faithfulness of God forever,
My mouth proclaims His mercies forever more;
He has looked upon His own with mercy and grace,
He has granted Himself as inheritance to those who stay with Him…

The wicked search for peace and could not find it,
But the LORD is the Place of refuge for His elect;
The righteous do not have to look for Him,
For the LORD is their Dwelling from the beginning of times.
When nations rage and justice is perverted within its walls,
The LORD towers above all, on the mountain of His habitation.

“Surely, God is in you and there is no other . . .”
In heaven, on earth,
In the earth, in the seas;
There is no God like Jehovah,
His reign is forever.

There is a huge difference between what the people want/need and what is just,
There is a huge gulf between what is just and what the people get.
The strength of heart may fail,
The counsel of the wise may not hold,
The pain of the heartbroken may remain,
But joy comes in the morning.

As sure as the light of the day must come after the darkness of the night,
So is the strength that comes with the joy of the LORD in the morning…

The LORD reigns,
Blessed be the name of the LORD.