Bad Until Proven Otherwise

I reckon that life is bound to unfold with so many wrongs targeted at diminishing our values as a people; that is as sure as the day rising out of a dark night. We cannot change that! But, what do we do with the ills we have seen, the bad experiences that came out of other people’s choices, especially the bad one?

It is almost a cliche that people should become better, not bitter…but how practical is that by the day? It seems after a while that because we  experience too much ills in life, we are becoming somewhat denatured. It is becoming harder for us to recognize ‘good’ when we come across them. Perhaps, our new normal is interpeting ‘Good’ as ‘Bad’ until proven otherwise.

Our inability to recognize good in others is not so much about the evil in others…but the ‘darkness’ that our unresolved bitterness has nested in us. It has become so hard to see good in others because we are not good ourselves anymore. . .

One more dangerous trend I have seen is the familiarity we have with wrongdoings, which is making our majority comfortable with error in judgment and justice. We seem to have lost hope and confidence in uprightness and the upright is seen as doing a little too much. We are quick to judge the upright as bad because he or she is exposing everyone else’s inadequacies by his or her uprightness. It is the case of being plagued with so much wickedness that righteousness has become a ‘disease’ itself.

I tell you, as Christ already did, if you follow the LORD closely, doing all His will and word, you will have a big problem in our world. Unfortunately, this trend cannot be reversed, we can only choose to choose GOD and HIS righteousness.

Still, there is no peace for the wicked; it shall indeed be well with the righteous. Fire and storms may be their experiences; still, they will be rested in peace because the LORD is with them in the middle of fire and storm. Those who choose their own way to escape these realities always end in regrets. It pays to stay with God.

Let him or her that is righteous be righteous still;
Let him or her that is wicked be wicked still…
Soon, the light of day will reveal all,
And what seems inconsequential will matter the most.

Peace to you as you walk with God.