First Response

A couple of years ago, I met a very high-ranking clergy. I had the opportunity to meet him for a matter and in the middle of our conversations, Life By The Word, a Bible contemplation piece that I had written, came to the fore in our discussions. He asked me a question and said: “What is the word of God?” I replied with a short and sharp answer, saying: “The Bible Sir.”
I was careful not to add the “The leadings of the Holy Spirit” because I was speaking to a Clergyman with orthodox background.

What followed was a short theological lecture on how what we regard as the Bible is still contended by theologians as the word of God; mentioning that most of the records were people’s account, not necessarily God’s direct utterance; Therefore, they are subject to error. I left his place almost doubting everything I had believed until I heard from the Spirit of the LORD, who happened to be the Inspirer of the Bible and I understood that the word of God transcends the written, He is Christ Himself.

To a lot of people, Christians and non-Christians alike, God’s word is merely a choice than a Person; a reference only when there are no more appealing alternatives. To charismatic persuasions, it is to be used religiously; many people may have been raised to do so, even if they do not believe it. [II Peter 3:5-7] Also, to many believers, the understanding is to keep as many verses as possible within their memory, to confront the devil because it is believed to conquers the enemy alongside the blood of Jesus. [Revelations 12:11]

For many reasons, people hear God’s word in sermons and messages but very few people listens to God because having heard Him, it seems many people still follow the dictates of their heart [Jeremiah 16:12]. Generally, for most people, the Word of God is the last resort, not the first response and the only way. Since we do not have control on its activeness, as humans, it is commonplace for many people to devise alternative systems and programmes that excludes God. The world today is a picture of rebellion against the manual for its operation by the Creator.

Still, God operates within His word. He has exalted His word above His name, as glorious and sanctified as they are! [Matthew 24:35, Psalms 138:2] Whatever God will do, or say, even today, have its own foundation in the Scriptures of Truth – His word. It is the power of God to create, form and make things. [John 1:1-3] Indeed, the value we place on God’s word determines the much of God our lives can reveal.

It is imperative for each person to choose who holds the last authority on his or her life and living. God’s word must be enough to guide and direct our ways. Without apology, it is either God or nothing else; for everything else that did not create the heavens and the earth are not God, they must perish from under the heavens.

Let the word of God search you and then lead you in the way everlasting. [Psalms139:23]
Those who keep God’s word cannot stumble. [Psalms119:105]



  1. Hannah says:

    Why do we do that?
    Make God our last option that is.
    I mean, I know God gave us freewill but still how is it that with everything we still make Him the last option..
    Almost feels like when one is born again but isnt intimate with God.


  2. AWED says:

    It is a natural instinct to respond by ourselves most times; but time should tell us how unwise that is. Getting God’s perspective on all matter is primary to winning in life.

    It calls for sometimes delayed response…but in the end, it works out for good since it is the will of God.


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