Crafted Memorials

About two month ago, after a day of fasting and prayers, I sat down to catch up on my series on Netflix and suddenly my heart started to palpitate so much that I was so afraid I jumped out of my house, hoping to get some fresh air…Few minutes later, I realised something bigger than my self-correction was happening, I quickly called a friend to come give me a ride to the clinic.

While I was waiting for him to arrive, my entire life had flashed before me. I started packing a hospital bag, I started arranging my apartment just in case I don’t get to return . . .  I even placed a piece of paper beside my computer with my access codes and passwords, with phone numbers people can call if indeed it was my time to go on to eternity. That instant, how my life would be interpreted and what would be said about me came to the fore…

I would eventually find out that it was a minor spike in my blood pressure, I had been eating too much eggs during the lockdown and I wasn’t exercising that much. However, the whole scenario got me thinking a lot and that is the reason for this piece today. What exactly will your memorial be?

It is natural for people who had near-death experiences to recover from it and start to craft what their memorials would be just in case another episode happens again and there is no recovery from it. But honestly, how much truth is in what would become a deliberate project? It is possible for a wicked person to deliberately craft a beautiful memorial for himself or herself if it is that important but the true memorial of any person is in how each day is lived; right from the depth of his or her being.

I have come to realise that my documentation of my life since 1996, in well-ordered journals may not even be read, a deliberate attempt to have someone or some people read it is not even strong enough to sustain anyone to go through it. It will only be considered worth reading by the way I live daily, the lives that are touched positively by my being and the value I am able to bring to humanity.

There is indeed a great danger in deliberately crafted memorials. They usually present an example that is skewed towards what is desired, eliminating the presence and the validity of other not-too-good side of such life.

I have seen people rise to start organizations because of circumstances that traumatized them; only to turn such into a movement that will not confer much benefit on humanity or last beyond their lifetime. Such interventive memorials will serve a few, become a miracle to a few, but will lack the power to transform into a culture; wherein the ills they seem to address is eradicated completely and order is restored by default. It will remain a responsive move, never a restorative move.

Your memorial is built in each moment; each day, as you walk through life . . . the conversation with a fellow, the hand that is lent to a needing soul, the service given to the furtherance of order, the love that is shared with your neighbour. Every other ones count too; each refusal to be counted for righteousness, each excuse from justice because of convenience, and every evil that is perpetuated, knowingly or unknowingly.

True memorials are not built on the pages of parchments, they are not written in autobiographies; they are not established in foundations and organizations, they are not perpetuated by media. . . those that are done this way will individually be reinterpreted by the people to be true or false, as a true reflection or as a skillful image craft. Memorials have a life of their own, hosted in the hearts of men and women; crafted in the hearts of boys and girls who will take them into the future. Peoples’ custody of you will be indestructible if they are crafted in hearts; they would be memories that lasts for eternity.

Make your memorial just . . .
Make your memorial true. . .
Let everything that has breath PRAISE THE LORD,
That is the ultimate memorial that lasts for eternity.