Desires, Dreams and Destinies


First written in 2018

Over the last 30 years I have carried in my heart a dream; just one dream: to see the glory of the LORD revealed in the earth. I know that may sound like a position that makes me sound spiritual, but I am already a spirit being, so I do not need to sound spiritual . . . I am spiritual!

For this dream, I have received and sacrificed all,
I have stayed up most nights; I have also stayed awake most days.
I have gone places many only dreamed; I have also stayed away from dream places.
I have spoken to people with means; I have also spoken to those who could not afford a meal.
I have reached out to great people; I have also reached out to lowly people.
I have reached for great opportunities; I have also walked away from many great opportunites.
I have been loved, so deeply I could not explain why; I have also been hated, so fiercely I cannot explain why.
I have been taught and trained; I have also been troubled and tried.
The lists of my contradictions are many; yet I dream . . .

Now, it is clear to me why the elders at the gates pay no attention to my passionate calls;
Now, I understand why those who need the LORD’s intervention the most pay very little attention to what would bring their healing;
Now, it is clear why the House of the LORD may be facing challenging times ahead and the heaven would seem silent,
Now, it is clearer why nations may never gain a grasp on the future of their places and people.

Desires and dreams are offsprings of who we consistently fellowship with;
God or gold is indeed impregnating sons (and daughters) of men with the futures that are inevitable.
Since frustrations and fears are daily making people put aside their ‘dreams’ for ‘survival’,
Fathers (and mothers), without dreams, are indeed raising posterities without destinies because they lack the power of dreams to birth future destinies.

The future of fellowshipping with God is eternal life; a life, whose relevance reaches beyond any lifetime;
The future of fellowshipping with gold is vanity; a prosperous life, that ends with the life.
There is more in God and in Him all things consist.
God will bring His dreams to pass, in my lifetime or after it.
For His dreams are so big and eternal that no lifetime is able to contain it.

Now, I cease from speaking to people with the hope of stirring up what is not in them,
Now, I speak to hearts, in which the LORD is brewing eternity as dreams;
Arise sons (and daughetrs) of God from every place, for your light has come . . .
Let hearts and the earth be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the seas.