The faithfulness of God overrules the damnation of any soul without an opportunity at repentance. The mercies of God guarantees that no matter how deeply wounded and sunk-in-sin anyone is, he or she will find help, when the LORD is sought.

So, why is help so far from people who really need them? Why are people so comfortable in continuing on their pathway to perdition, despite all that God has already done for humanity?

A friend told me yesterday that we do not value whatever we do not have to labour hard to get; we seem to treat unsolicited kindness with suspicion and levity. Is it possible we are already responding to God this way? Is it possible we are only yielded to God when we are in need of something we could not otherwise get for ourselves?

God is not man, His ways are past finding. Before we would ever be in need of anyone or anything, He already made provisions for them because that is what fathers do. However, a child that treats his or her heritage with levity will ultimately shed bitter tears for it in future, when it will be all that is left. It is unwise to treat the gifts of God with levity because we didn’t have to labour so hard to have them.

Treasure God’s gifts to you, beginning with the life He gave you. Treasure His gift of salvation in Christ; treasure His Holy Spirit of promise, without whom you will not be of any eternal value. Treasure His word, many empires, nations, generations and peoples have been destroyed because they will not heed what it recommends. His word is life! It embodies all of His answers to life. We will do well to honor God by honouring His word and help will be as accessible as the air we breathe.