The matters with life are intricately woven like tapestry, whose final result is beyond the aggregate of what goes into it.

Each individual is measured against the original design and how each on fares is hugely determined by many factors, most of which are beyond his or her control. However, one things remains within his or her control – he or she can determine what the future would be by present choices.

This choices will be wrong without CLARITY, of vision, direction, content and context; the resulting response will be more or less destructive without CREATIVITY, there are no grey areas; and the possibility of CHANGE will be far reaching without the right response . . . in essence, the situation/story will become worse unless intentional and deliberate responses are provided NOW.

Responses however, when the season is past, may be too late. The set time to be who God has created you to be is now! So, join me in these conversations. Let me humbly help you find clarity to your being on earth in this season.

Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays, beginning from July 23, 2020 on Facebook Live, let’s take this journey together.

This is not a purpose-finding exercise…this is a journey to understanding. When you understand the peculiarities of your life (faith, vocation and personality), you are better prepared to come to the realization of your purpose in life, BY YOURSELF. My job is to shine the light from the LIGHT Himself, and we will all see ourselves clearer in His light.

Let us discover, identify, define, develop, grow and deploy all of the powers in the image of God together, until our desserts becomes springs of water and our wilderness is turned into fruitful fields.

Register at and let us begin together. We begin on July 23, 2020

You no longer have an excuse! You also don’t need to pay God for Him to make your being on earth clearer to you.