Is there the Authentic Design for Sex and Love?


Recently, I stumbled on a Netflix series of documentaries by an international journalist on sex and love around the world. I decided to download the episodes and listen, beginning from my continent – Africa.

The things I heard are very disturbing. I literally could no longer follow the series with my eyes open. . .what I saw and heard were indeed very disturbing. More than ever before, it is clear that we have a very big challenge on our hands. It seems all that is believed and practised are skillful weaves of falsehood, hypocrisy and lies; unfortunately, seeing and knowing that the Church of Christ is indeed sending out mixed messages on these issues sunk my heart deeper.

What exactly is God’s design for sex and love? Is the Scriptures really silent on these things? Are the letters of the Apostles, written under the inspiration of the Spirit of God still valid ordinances on how to address these matters? Is there hope for our future generation in their search for truth that they will find TRUTH; and that their eventual truth will not be a well-moulded falsehood that serves present requirements?

The days ahead of us are very troublesome ones! I am not a foreteller of doom, not by any chance! Yet, there is no strength of hyssop that will wash away the effect of the decay in our cultural framework. There were consequences in the past; there are consequences that afflict us without restrain in the present; there will also be grave consequences in the future if we do not rise to uphold the TRUTH, not minding the consequences of shinning the light on this darkness.

The Light from Jehovah will reveal despicable things; mark my words, many hopes that were hanging on threads would be severed by the scale of revelations that are coming! Still, the LORD’s purpose is to restore and repair, not to destroy His heritage.

It is time to uphold the TRUTH. If we fail at this, we will have a handful to deal with in no distant future.

God is love, there is no corruption in Him.
Sex is God’s design, not man’s design; it is pure and holy in the right context.