Efforts and Time


In the core of every person are certain elements that are never manifested until their set time. When the set time has come, a manifestation of unexplainable circumstances would begin and this is when most people becomes troubled when they should be thrilled and excited.

Except you prefer to live a false life, you will agree there are no explanation for all things when such explanations are needed; explanations come only when they become very necessary. Therefore, until it is the set time for certain manifestations, it is not natural for anyone to be interested in seeking explanations for things, whose meaning are buried deep beneath the surface. It seems necessity forces us to dig to depths; values on the surface are for regular times.

Despite all these, it is still more frustrating to dig beneath the surface and not find what is sought…surely, some manifestations cannot be facilitated by much inquisition; they will only be found in their appointed time. It pleases the LORD to make them so.

I tell you, until it is the appointed time, efforts cannot make things happen as you desire;
When the appointed time comes, it will not happen without your diligent investment of effort!

The glory of God is to conceal a matter;
It is the honor of kings to search them out.
Still, kings will find nothing until their appointed time;
Subjects will spend their life in derision when their kings cannot discern time.
Working smart is the ‘understanding of time’ on display;
Faith that will not fail is in sync with Heaven’s timing.

Do not waste your energy labouring in wrong seasons and times;
Do not give your strength to leisure when the appointed time has come.
The LORD of all is Master over all that was, that is and that would be;
Walk with Him so that you can be wise.