“Now You Are Ready…”


After a very heavy bowl of food, I decided that tonight is not an evening I wouldn’t do my evening walk. So, I laced my sneakers and set out with this beautiful music from Dunsin Oyekan in my ears (Na You!)

A few steps into my walk, the first thing I heard in my spirit was “Now, you are ready!” I almost bursted out laughing. My first response to God was “Right about now, when I feel most unworthy and far from ready, You say that I am now ready. When I felt so ready, You keep saying to me that I wasn’t ready. How is that so?”

I heard a sentence from God and replied with three sentences. That will tell you how much I have kept to my heart and refused to say to anyone until it is time to speak with the LORD about them [Oh Yes! There is the right time to speak with the LORD, He is not my attendant, He is my LORD and KING]

He said nothing after that; so, I just continued to sing my ‘Na You’ song. Suddenly, I was supposed to take a usual path I normally follow and He asked me to take a different one. Few kilometers into this new road that I followed, I saw a family, taking an evening walk also, somewhat praying as they walk. I noticed an middle-aged woman, two grown-up girls and a teenage boy. They walked on with the older woman leading their prayers. I realised there was no man with them; clearly, the man of the house was missing in their walk….Hmnnn.

Now, I wouldn’t know what the story is, so I just walked past until I heard the LORD again [This time I’ll like to keep what He says to myself]. Surely, when you think you are ready, indeed you aren’t. When you think you are not, that is the appointed time. God’s appointed time don’t make sense most times, if you are still in control of things, then, it’s hardly God that is leading you.

The things that will matter are not those that already matter to you at the moment; if they were, then there is nothing to look forward to. God is the master planner, He prepares the called, He hardly calls the prepared…

Do not look down on Christ in you because of your present situation, He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ever ask or think; your hope of glory is anchored on He that is in you, not what you are. If you have been crucified in Christ, yet you live, with Christ living inside of you, you are the one that God is counting on.

Your appointed time is when the battle is over and the dust is settled so that the LORD of Host can step into the supposedly finished battle and be victorious.

You may have lost, but He won in you!
You may have been broken, but He is whole within you!
You may be weak, but His strength is made perfect in your weakness!
He reigns and rules in the affairs of men!
Arise! This is the appointed time!


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  1. AWED says:

    Indeed…it is amazing how He cuts through all thoughts and emotions and speaks straight to issues.

    Its a beautiful thing for God to be mindful of us…


  2. desirayl says:

    Amen. 🙏

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  3. desirayl says:

    Don’t you just love how the Holy Spirit speaks to us?

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