This Thing Called Mentoring . . .


Moses led (not mentored) Joshua, but Joshua didn’t start his ministry while Moses was alive…same for Elisha to Elijah…same for Disciples to Jesus Christ! None of them went to wake the dead for instructions…the same Holy Spirit that was on their leader was who came on them (for some in double portion). They did greater works, not by mentoring, but by the Holy Spirit that was upon then…where did this ideas of being led by men on personal matters (not the Holy Spirit in men) come from in matters that has to do with God?

Indeed, this ‘mentoring’ thing is alien to the Kingdom of God. We cannot continue to search for convenient examples to affirm worldly concepts brought into the church. As many as are led by the Holy Spirit (not mentors) are the sons of God…

Is there a place for counsel? Yes! That is what it is – counsel! In the end, only the counsel of the LORD shall stand. If any leader’s counsel must stand, it had better be orchestrated by the Holy Spirit in them (not so-called experience)!

The Scripture is clear and distinct!

Posted from 3 years ago.