What Matters Are Within Your Power of Choice


If there is anything that has made me think deeply more than anything else in my lifetime, it is the matter with people and the choices they make. As much as choices determine most of what happens in our lives, there are few of them we do not have the power to choose: to whom and into what we are born and how we return to God.

These choices are very central to each life and we do not get to make those choices ourselves…they are made for us. What this means is that whatever these choices are, they are not what matters the most in the summary of things. Who you are born to, what you are born into, and how you return to God is not able to hinder you from fulfilling destiny anymore…what is capable of hindering you are the choice you have power to make.

So who/what are your yesterday’s choice?
Who/what are you choosing today?
Who/what are you poised to choose tomorrow?

I have come to realise that most life’s choices are made unknowingly; inactions and refusals to take responsibility where necessary are choices in themselves. In reality, there are no grey areas, there are no fences to sit on; however we like to consider it, we are making choices by the seconds.

Therefore, intentional choice are non-negotiable if you desire a predictable pattern to life. One only make the right choices with the right information, which is best served from the source.

So, do you know the original source of the information you are working with?
If you do and it is the right information, do you interpret them correctly?
Are you exercising your choices properly? In the right places and at the right time?
Is your hand and head in sync with your heart?

Each passing day is built up with multiple layers of choices; when you make them, they turn around to gain power over you. Few years down the line, your choices will produce the life that you see, you would do well to make them right.