There comes a time in life when time happens to us all; when we all will run out of ‘juices’ not because we are dry(far from it), but because time has taken away the support structure that we once had.

For some that structure is family; for some, it is friends; for some, it is close work associates; for some, it is neighbours; and for others, it is everyday people, as we know it.

It is wise, at such seasons of life, to look up and forward, for yet another season is on the horizon. Look on to new adventures, new relationships, new engagements, new conversations. Perhaps, soon in God’s good graces, you will find the ‘scent of water’, a bright light of day, a fresh new start, and a hope for more to come.

Prior pains may have been occasioned by loss of loved ones, change in location, maturity and growth on your part, strife and disagreement, even unknown stimuli…Still, may you not be without a heart, a head and a hand that would help you navigate your way from what seemed like the end, to a fresh new start.

Indeed, seasons come and go, but the word of God remains. I enjoin you to stay in the word of God.