Faith for Works

I live in a row of flats that necessitate some sort of shared facilities; wherein, something as simple as a fault in the water pumping system requires a meeting of many tenants to resolve. It is amazing how many back and forth is necessary before simple things get resolved.

Among us are some, who don’t profess the LORD that much, who don’t pray loudly that much, but are generally amiable persons to relate with. They respond with empathy and demonstrates love for other people without guile. Also among us are those who literally walks around with some sort of halo on their head, prays very loudly but have very little regard or interest in other people’s well-being. The world revolves around them and God alone.

So, this got me thinking, where is the place of loving your neighbor as yourself after loving God above all else? All the commandments of God, are summarised in these two, as recently explained to me by a brother. Why is it so hard to be kind and cooperative with other people in our communities despite our fervent relationships with God?

I found that a self-driven person will use his or her faith (relationship with God) to pursue self; nothing or none else will matter. . . A generous person will use his or her faith to pursue generosity; in fact, his or her consistent request to God will be to be able to show more kindness and support for people around him or her.

It is a dangerous thing to allow one’s FAITH to hinder his or her WORKS. In the first place, works (relationship with people) are supposed to be the direct outflow of faith (relationship with God). If your relationship with God is not improving your relationship with people, something is indeed wrong!

However, by improvement, I am in no way suggesting a compromise of values of God’s kingdom to be more agreeable or acceptable. No! Instead I mean there would be clear demonstration of decency, mutual respect, understanding, kindness, love and faith in others.

We cannot be salt and light to this world and be unwilling to interact peacefully with it. The evidence of righteousness is peace that brings joy!