It is 10 years today that I have been blogging on I have been relatively quiet these days. A friend asked me, few days back, why haven’t I been blogging much lately. My response was simple – “I write when I have something to say.”

Have I become so bereft of words that I am not writing? Not really! I am just writing things that most people don’t seem interested in reading or listening to. They are important enough to God, and by extension to me; so I write them but I am not sharing them . . . YET. There is indeed a time to speak and a time to be silent; perhaps, now is one of those times to be quiet.

The honest truth is that most people (not all) really do not care about what is shared here; those who do probably have direct access to the writer and they will communicate privately. It seems until trauma and despondency hits a people hard enough and they have exhausted all options that were more agreeable, they are not likely to embrace truth in its entirety.

I have seen people esteemed high and low in a moment; praised and shamed in the same breath. I have watched people carry on with hypocrisy, pretending to be paying attention; yet they are not. Until disaster strikes or what was working stopped working; then, they start running from pillar to post for help.

We daily shame our REAL heroes and praise the generosity of the wicked. We love our lies and falsehood; truth is too expensive to fraternize with. What bothers more is the boldness with which we go on, even when we know the horizon is dark with painful consequences. We do this better than living the truth.

Well, as with Israel, the fire burning the bush is not the problem, it can be quenched; only that we aren’t likely to accept salvation when it comes before we think we need it. Like Israel, the ‘bush’ itself will have to be relocated to another location; you will agree with me that this is the definition of common-sense impossibility. Whether we want to go or not, whether we want deliverance or not, the LORD has risen from His House, He comes quickly!

The choice is yours and mine; whether this journey to the promised land would be 40 days or 40 years or 400 years; we would decide that by our responses to God. The House of the LORD is about to see major remodellings…no more makeover and whitewash!

Stay with God, it is in your best interest. Why? Everything you think you know and understand will surprise you in the days ahead. Start seeking Him now when He is still near and can be found.

Peace to the righteous.