Already Done

Walking an unknown pathway is not strange, every known one was once an unknown pathway. Still, ‘directional signages’ are helpful in making smart choices; though the edge of adventure may be far removed.

So, what will it be?
A journey or an adventure?

Your choices will not matter in the end; believe me, you will soon realize that your way is set for you before your life ever begun. Alas! It is a mix of both a journey and an adventure; a mix of certainties and uncertainties. Some will happen with known people, others will happen with total strangers.

Indeed, you are never in control, though you safely think you are. God is ultimately in control of all that is; all that was and is to come. So, surrender all to Him by releasing yourself to experience whatever He brings your way; resisting some of them is the harbinger of pain and misery. You will eventually find out that life’s ‘negatives’ can be blessings and what were regarded as ‘positives’ may turn out to be a curse.

At the risk of complicating these words, choose God; even when you really do not have a choice in the matter. You are His and He reserves the honor and pride to make you whosoever He pleases.


#3141Chronicles #DayOne