Defaults and Designs

For over 39 years I have enjoyed divine health from God that the last time I was in a hospital for anything major was 1986, then 1993 when I was hit by a car on my day of fast. Not one time had the things God put in my body given me a reason to worry. I am so grateful to God for this.

But then, as I was approaching age 40, I thought to make routine medical check-up my thing. I felt it was time to start knowing what is going on in my body. The years that followed was very eventful. I started asking myself if going to the hospital wasn’t a mistake. The surprising thing was that after the medical examinations that year, the doctors told me nothing was wrong with me. I was given a clean bill of health; yet, in the year that followed, I wasn’t really feeling that well in my body.

Approaching the 41st Anniversary, I decided to do the routine check again and [boom!] as it was the year before, I had a much cleaner bill of health, despite all my symptoms before I went to the doctor. How strange! So, I took a moment to reflect on the year in review and these were my findings:

1. Knowledge is a powerful thing. It is capable of making a way where there seems to be no way! Literally! Knowledge of what is may not always be helpful; sometime, other knowledge that comes as an extension of the ones initially sought, can create negative rhythms in our lives. In wanting to know, you will stumble on any unnecessary and unsolicited prognosis. it is wise to define what you need to know and what value it provides to your whole well-being; because knowing what is unnecessary can actually start a destructive process in you. Not all knowledge gives life.

2. By God’s design, there is a default structure, already in you, to fix all abnormalities. External interventions pretty much complicate things because they bring diverse views and responses to bear on what requires a simple straightforward response, which is best distilled from the one with the abnormality. If you look inward, preferably to Christ in you, you will find your answers. Invading your life with external solutions will hurt you more than you know; you actually starts to depend on them to continue living. Any help that is not harnessing what is already in you is against your well-being.

3. Whatever is visibly happening to you began from something that is invisible. Locating the root cause and dealing with it is wiser than treating the symptoms of it, which are obviously not the physical dissatisfactions. A good review of the past, with a view to drop the negatives and uphold the positives, would bring needed help, even before the treatment of symptoms fail. Usually, addressing all situations that require change must begin with discontinuing the status quo that created the situation – major lifestyle changes.

4. Healing or any defined positive change is in the simple things of life – forgiving and forgetting; doing nothing for a change; letting things be sometimes; being carefree in a good way; etc. That business breakthrough does not require something complicated; that change in health actually requires simplification of your diets; that need for joy just requires you to change your mindset . . . simple things of life are to be enjoyed, complex things make life miserable.

5. Fear will do more damage to you than any string of deliberate attack. The fear of what you know and what you do not know can create an unending cycle of pain. Fear is not conquered by boldness, that is actually low self-esteem. Instead, it is conquered by faith – accepting the unseen, just because of words spoken in its favour, until it becomes the reality. Feed your faith, starve your fears. I have said it, time and again, that all of the enemy’s assault on humanity is fear in all shades; it merely morphs from one form to another and continues its damage.

Summarily, you should design your responses to life to harness your default provisions from God; it’s your best chance at living well.


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