Skeptics and the Shifts

I was in church for the first time in a very long time since COVID happened. Evidently, so much is never going to be the same again. I know it is human to easily forget our traumas and return to life, like nothing really happened but it seems we are unaware that this particular trauma is more than physical; it is holistic! Unknown to many people, what we just went through is a preamble of what is coming…

I stood somewhere in the middle of the congregation today, wondering if the people in charge have learnt anything significant from what happened . . . I am so sad that what I saw did not look like they did. We simply improved our craft and moved on like it was just a bump in the road.

Perhaps, we are yet to see this for what it really is, the real issue is not the restrictions and new regulations and our favourite worship experience that they are hindering, it is that two main things have now found home with us globally – they are FEAR and DOUBT. You see, the spiritual experience of worshipping God is anchored on faith and without it, it is impossible to please God. Unfortunately, this is the main focus of the enemy’s attack; if he succeeds at dealing a blow to our faith in God and in people, using fear that manifests as doubt, everything is defeated.

So, here is the matter with the organized church that must be reviewed before it is too late: “God and His worship now have a whole new definition to the people.” This new definition must form the basis of the church’s response.

We have entered into the seasons when those who have been seeking God for things are tired of the charade. They now know that God does not do what they ask, they would have to start doing what God asks; in fact, until what God wants is what they want, whatsoever they ask in His name will not be given them. More than ever before this is as clear as the sun after a rainy day! Now, in pursuit of what God is asking, they are looking for those who truly know what He is asking or those who can connect them directly to God, not the managers of the organized church enterprise, whose usefulness took a big blow from the lockdown and increased online meetings. This is a big paradigm shift!

At the moment, the doors of the temple are graced by religious skeptics, whose only motivation towards God is fueled by the fear of being agnostics or being labelled as a rebel. They are at the threshold of decision between staying with God or setting themselves free from religious charades.

Can we ASK, SEEK and KNOCK right? It is time to ask for revival from the LORD; then, seek for it by doing the needful [which is returning to God for HIS HEART, not HIS HANDS]; and knock the door of hearts of men with the message of reconciliation and restoration from Christ, [to follow Christ in the true sense of it, instead of inviting Christ to where we choose or prefer to go]?

We are in a very sensitive season in the body of Christ, one in which we can reverse all the gains of previous years or reverberate with greater wins because we are in tune with Christ – the Head of the Church. May the LORD reveal Himself to our elders of faith, to whom God has given a voice in this dispensation. Amen


#3141Chronicles #DayThree