Beyond the Door

For every door that is knocked, there has to be a response. If there is none, it means there is no one in that address. If and when the door opens, the interaction could go in many ways.

But before we explore that, do not forget that the visitor knows what the subject of the interaction would be when the door opens; the one behind the door does not, unless pre-informed. if pre-informed, the choice of interaction would have been made before the visitor arrives – refusal to receive the visitor [which translates to ‘no response’] or acceptance [the reason why the door opened after the knock].

The door opens and the one behind it expects an opening word…an introduction, a statement of purpose, even when the visit was announced prior. Until that happens, there will be no willingness to respond to the visitor and the visitation.

Matthew 7:7 says we should ASK, then SEEK, and thereafter KNOCK…A positive response is promised for these three stages of turning a dream into a reality.

But how does anyone ask right, without knowing what is right and righteous? The Scripture reiterates that we ask amiss, most of the time, because we desire to consume them on our lusts…You will find that speedy answers come when your ASK is for others beside yourself. Being ‘given to’ is directly proportional to the definition of the receiver, in this case OTHERS.

So, having received what is asked, how do you know where, when and how to seek for it so that you can find it. We live in a dispensation of ‘smokes and mirrors’, nothing is what it looks like. Personally, I have been surprised lately by certain discoveries that didn’t look initially like them – I found out people I wouldn’t assess in certain ways, because I was far away, turned out to be who I never imagined the to be when I went closer. So in seeking, it is wiser to establish purpose [what it will DO] and the ‘narrative’ [what it will BE]. Establishing these two will set the parameters for the search; otherwise, what will be found would be what is evident already, which can be misleading.

Having found what is sought, which brings us to the interaction at the door that I mentioned earlier; the journey to that door is a testimony that what is behind that door is a product of the search and it is worth experiencing. If and when that door opens, it is a world of possibilities – the extent of which depends on how far both sides of the door can see. If the door goes unanswered or what is found is no longer behind that door, something significant must have been wrong with the methodology of the search/enquiry. Vital information must be missing.

So, the door opens and the interaction begun; but now that they are up and close, the visitor is checking for the purpose and the ‘narrative’ that was set in the search or the one behind the door is checking to see if the visitor is a person of peace and worthy of deeper interaction.

In this preview to a possible comprehensive interaction, the two are prone to error in judgment. The search may be truncated, too early, if they are not quick to hear and slow to speak. In listening to the visitor with an open mind, the one behind the door may see deeper than what is visible. In listening to the one behind the door, the visitor will gain deeper understanding on what is found.

It is a tedious and meticulous process of sifting for truth, upon which eternal value can be founded. Stereotypes and perceptions may destroy the prospects before it starts.

Therefore, the knocking and the opening of the door is not the end; on the contrary, it is the beginning of what was asked for. When what you asked for is here, what will you do with it? Establish truth and build eternal value or reach for your dreams alone, while alienating what you found from becoming its possibilities?

Ready yourself for what is behind the door you are striving to knock; otherwise, you will be disappointed too early.


#3141Chronicles #DayFour