Permission to Edit

There are certain things that cannot be changed by spoken words, negative emotions, terrible attitudes and changing environment . . . one of them is a person’s true identity.

It is possible to change appearance, style, outlook, perception and responses; but who you really are will not change until something really drastic happens that brings an edit to your very core – your spirit.

The spirit of a man is not editable by people…it is the breath of God in all living soul. Whatever happens to it can only be from God or permitted by the spirit itself. Outside of God and you, no one can make an edit to your spirit, unless you grant them a permission [Ponder on that for a while].

That capacity to grant such permission comes from the exercise of will – the human power of choice. By your choices, you determine who has access to your spirit and can change WHO you are.

It does not matter how much you suffer from this world and the people given to it, who you are is hugely determined by you. By your default design, you are the expression of God’s glory; even all the decay that came because of sin from Adam have been fixed in Christ. If you change, it is because you granted permission by your choices to people and persons who have no authority to make edits on you.

How different have you become? How far away from the original you are you at the moment? Is it worth the change? Are you happier by it or you have adopted a false sense of fulfillment? Are you really fulfilled?

You are in control of how your story ends. If you do not like what you see, change it by changing your choices. If you like it already, stay with it. . . However, since God is your original Maker and the spirit you are operating by is His, whoever you become that is not His original design will be judged fiercely. It is wiser to be who you were made to be – the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.


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