Do Not Panic

Fear indeed has torment. If you will make it through life, even as one, who is known to heaven, you will have to learn not to panic, no matter what happens.

The strategy of the devil is to use the experiences you have submitted yourself to, prior to any situation, to create a narrative that will instill fear. This is why it is important to allow God moderate people and things that you are exposed to. Experiences has consequences!

When, by the word of God. you are asked to avoid certain things, it is because the experience of those things may not actually damage physically or in an obvious way; instead, it has the capacity to creates the right environment for the enemy to torment you in the future with fear. For example, you will find out that most people who fearfully worry about sexual experience in marriage before the  marriage begins are those who are already exposed to a degree of sexuality before the marriage begins. Those who stayed away from such experiences, till marriage begins, have very little to fear, for all they would eventually find has no competition or comparison from prior experiences. What experiences are you submitting yourself to right now?

When anyone refuses to make what God says a delight, but chooses the tabloids, opinions, reviews and the experiences of other people as a constant array to feed from instead, his or her fear would be built on the content of what he or she has been feeding on when trying times come. Indeed, trying times are here already; what you have been feeding on will determine your level of hope and confidence. So, what are you feeding on at the moment?

Indeed, fear is the main assault of any enemy. It is not even the assault itself but the fear or it. In every phase of life, that same fear remodels itself and morphs into relevant forms to continue its torment. STOP YOUR FEAR with FAITH. Choose to see good in all people and things, no matter what is obvious. The obvious isn’t usually the truth.

YOU WILL LIVE! That someone you know died of Coronavirus is not enough reason to live in fear. God derives pleasure from your life; so, no death will snatch you away until your time has come. LIVE CONFIDENTLY, knowing that your life is hid in Christ in God. Peace.

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P.S. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior, with a view to living an eternal and fruitful life, today is the day you should make that decision. No life is too bad for God to redeem and restore. Confess your wrongdoings to God in a simple prayer, ask Him for forgiveness, repent from them (turn away) and believe that Christ died for you to take them away. You will be saved. Please, let me know in the comment box below when you have made this decision. Peace


  1. Blessing Alubarika Joseph says:

    I made the decision to turn away from my wrongs


  2. AWED says:

    That is is a beautiful one. Congratulations!!!!

    It is a decision you can never regret. I encourage you to draw closer to God through the study of His word so that you can know more about Him. Where are you based? Do you have access to a Bible? If you do not. Please download YouVersion Bible App from your phone’s Apps Store. I recommend New King James and New Living Translation Version of the Bible. They are quite easier to understand.

    Start reading from the book of John, it will show you more details about what it means to now ‘Be in Christ.’

    If you send me your email. I would like to send you a little book that will also help in this new journey of walking with God.

    My regards.


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