Needless Worries

Most of your fears will never come through; infact, your fear would do the real damage, not what you fear.

When I was much younger, I worried about a lot of things. I had known what being hungry meant; so, it was natural for me to panic about where my next meal would come from. Time went by and I realized my fears were baseless. No one has actually died of hunger that I know of . . . if anyone did, he or she died more of pride than of hunger. Why? He or she only needed to ask a neighbour for a meal and that settles it for another 48hours.

Also, I once worried about dying. Yes, you read me right! I worried that I may not finish my task, that I am dealt so much blows in life and keeping the faith in my trials would wear me out someday. Taking it in strides, thanking God all the way, I still worried that I am moving too slowly, and that many people are leaving me behind. Until I realised that getting to the destination for everyone has different timeline. It is not likely that those scheduled for a flight are having same experiences as those bike-riding their way to destiny. As a matter of fact, their preparations are different. Indeed, by the arm of flesh shall no one prevail. My worries were unfounded. What some spent years to make happen, happened for me in days because Jehovah taught me to focus on my race and not the runners…

Most recently, I worried more for the Church of Christ. I looked and the things I see puts me in deep misery; so much so that I lose my sleep most times. My long fasts are actually in pursuance of answers from God to these things. My heart and spirit . . . even my body, were broken many times by what I saw and experienced. Until God opened my eyes to see and understand His heart concerning these things. I realised again, my fears were unfounded. God’s got it all under control. As a matter of truth, He is ever in charge of the affairs of His house.

So you see, whatever is troubling you right now is unfounded. You will realise it is meant to come to pass. It shall pass! So, keep the faith. Do not panic and be consumed by the fear of what is looming; God has got it under control. Trust God when you cannot trace Him, He is able and willing to help you in times of need until your victory happens effortlessly.

Do not struggle with a process you must go through, learn the lessons that you need for your journey; even when they come from cruel masters. Love everyone, even your haters too. Submit yourself to experiences that God permits, resist those that the enemy presents. Love the LORD and His word. You will prevail in Jesus name. Amen.


#3141Chronicles #DayThirteen


  1. Yisa Grace says:

    Thank you so much sir
    It is timely
    More Grace

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  2. AWED says:

    You are welcome Grace. Amen and Amen.


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