Efforts Validates.

Nothing is what it seems. The more obvious things are, the less likely it is what it seems. It is in the nature of treasures that they have to be sought out…same for truth as a treasure, you have to dig for it.

When you are looking for someone or something valuable, you should not expect to find it out in the open. You will be required to invest time and energy to locate it. However, the value of the person or the thing is not intrinsic as we may conveniently believe, it is the process that leads to their revelation that confers that value on them. Indeed, diamond is precious because of the process that reveals it…not because it is a stone.

So, what do you seek? Is it placed on your lap without investment of time and energy or is the value more than its appearance because of what you have to go through to get it? If you want it so badly, you will have to seek it after asking for it. When you finally found it, your pride should not stop you from knocking the door, unless the door isn’t yours to go through.

You have removed your ‘shoes’ while on the holy grounds, where you encountered the LORD for the details; now it’s time to put your shoes back on, in search of that which He has spoken. The feet of those bearing glad tidings are shod, not loosened. Have you received the answers you need from the LORD? Then, it is time to seek it out with all you’ve got.

Remember, what you received when you asked would change your company; so that you don’t set out seeking the received with a wrong company of people that are laden with greed for gain and self, with all the evils that come with it. Departures would hurt but you must embrace it. New companies would come along, and you are likely to be apprehensive of them; still they are all you have now.

Come what may, with the LORD, you will prevail. You will win. Your effort is your work and it is a reflection of your faith. So, put in the effort, do all you can and allow God do what He alone can do.


#3141Chronicles #DayFourteen