What do you see?

The faculty of sight is a very vital one because before every other more detailed faculties can process a thing, the eyes would have done preliminary examination to it.

However, what is seen is hardly dependent on the eyes itself; instead, it is determined by the heart. In essence, the heart sees before the eyes do. True perception is from the heart.

What this means is that each time something is under scrutiny, the state of the heart is the determinant of what is seen. Therefore, what is in the heart is more important than what the reality is. When what is visible is chaos and the heart can see beauty, beauty will eventually come out of it and vice versa.

What then do you see?
What is in your heart?

If you pray, your answers from God will be according to what is in your heart. Even the LORD GOD promised to answer you according to what is in your heart, even if it is an idol. Ezekiel 14:4-6.  Therefore, before you seek to investigate a matter, the place to begin is in your heart. Be sure there are no idols there.

It is wise to ensure your eyes are not darkened by your heart; instead that the light of God in your heart is what shines through your eyes. This way, you would see eternity in your brevity and see glory even in the midst of shame.


#3141Chronicles #DaySixteen